The Fall- Shooting from a microlight with an ALEXA Mini & ARRI SRH-360 Stabilized Remote Head

‘The Fall’ was produced by nOgravity Films in partnership with ARRI and it was done to showcase the abilities of shooting with an ARRI SRH-360 Stabilized Remote Head attached to a microlight.

The goal of this short film was to show that an eco-friendly microlight solution (which burns 10 liters/h instead of 200 for a helicopter) is capable of shooting even the most extreme of conditions.

The team utilized an ALEXA Mini and Canon CINE-SERVO 25-250mm T2.95 Cinema Zoom Lens that was mounted on the front of the aircraft in an ARRI SRH-360 Stabilized Remote Head and controlled by WCU-4. On the ground, the shots were done with an ARRI Amira.

The shoot was done over 6 days with 2 wingsuiters, and 4 microlights (provided by Air Création).

The wingsuiters were dropped at 10 000 ft and they opened their parachutes at 4500 ft so the team only had around 90 sec of formation flight for each flight.

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