Pomfort ShotHub update

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Pomfort has released a major update for ShotHub that includes a new Team Plan, that enables facilities to host data management projects themselves while letting DITs automatically import on-set information.

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Team Plan Key Features

  • For Free: An unlimited number of invited users can access and browse (read-only) the managed and shared information in the ShotHub project libraries.
  • Team Management Features: Access rights, permissions, and user roles can be easily managed and edited.
  • New Dashboard: A comprehensive overview displays the latest activity in the team(s) and project(s).

Footage and metadata are usually placed onto hard drives and then sent from set to a post facility. This introduces an additional step between the DIT and the DI facility as they need to communicate via email, PDF reports, and phone calls to make sure the correct information is both sent and received. With this new update, ShotHub hopes to lessen and improve this communication by making sure all the required information can be updated and received directly by the DI facility. The facility can pull information whenever it needs to, and in the form it requires. This benefits both sides as the DIT is not required to create and provide all the information and formats on a daily basis, and the facility knows that everyone who needs information can access it at any time.

Just to be clear, ShotHub will not completely turn around all set-to-facility communication, but it can certainly help take the burden off the DIT. The DIT will still need to assemble a package of data and information every day and make that available for transfer when it’s ready. However, additional information can be pulled by the DI facility when required. The whole idea is to reduce the administrative workload on set at the end of each day.

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A new dashboard view (a summary of the home page) gives an overview of the latest activity in the user’s projects, and provides direct access to projects and shot entries via a ShotID search field.

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