Hollyland Lark M1

Hollyland has announced the Lark M1, a new lightweight, and small-sized 2.4GHz wireless lavalier microphone system. This looks like a decent option for anyone looking for an entry-level wireless system.

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Key features

  • Two-person wireless recording system
  • Tiny, lightweight
  • Noise cancellation
  • Hi-fi quality
  • 650ft (200m) line-of-sight range
  • Up to 20 hours of continuous operating time
  • Recharges in 1.5 hours
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The lightweight Lark M1 features Hollyland’s HearClear noise cancellation technology, and a claimed 650ft / 200m line-of-sight range. Hollyland is targetting the Lark M1 as a good solution for live streaming, vlogging, interviews, podcasting, and remote conference calls.

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The Lark M1 uses omnidirectional microphones and HearClear noise cancellation is claimed to filter out ambient sounds so voices sound clearer, however, you can turn this off if you don’t want to use it. What you clearly need to know with this system is that it doesn’t come with lavalier microphones, nor can you attach one.

There is a simple High-Mid-Low volume preset. You can choose the volume level according to the actual recording environment you are in.

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Two packages are available, Duo, and Solo. The Duo comes with two TX units, one RX unit, and a charging case. The Lark M1 Solo comes with a single TX unit and a single RX unit.

I am not sure why companies persist in putting big branded logos on products that are going to be seen in shot.

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The Lark Duo comes with a compact portable charging case that not only charges the Lark M1, but also protects the transmitters and receiver during transport. The full recharge time is stated to be 1.5 hours. Each transmitter and receiver has 8 hours of claimed runtime. The charging case weighs 80g, the receiver 17.5g, and the transmitters 11.8g. The charging case is about the same size as a regular mouse and can be held in the user’s hand. Each TX, RX, and charging case unit has a USB-C port for direct charging.

The Lark M1 comes with two cables so that users have a choice depending on what they are using it with:

  • TRS to TRS (For Cameras)
  • TRS to TRSS (For devices with a 3.5mm port)

There are also two optional cables available:

  • Optional TRS to USB-C (For Android/iPads)
  • Optional TRS to lightning Cable (For iPhones)

Price & Availability

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The Hollyland Lark M1 Duo retails for $149 USD.

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