Anton/Bauer DIONIC 26V B-Mount batteries, chargers & camera plates

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Anton/Bauer has announced its new DIONIC 26V series of B-Mount batteries, chargers, and camera plates have been developed in cooperation with ARRI.

The DIONIC native 26V range includes 98Wh and 240Wh batteries and quad chargers in B-Mount or Gold-Mount Plus options, plus a range of mounting plates.

The DIONIC 26V B-Mount series was designed specifically to power high-power draw cameras such as the new ARRI Alexa 35. DIONIC 26V batteries can also be used as a hot-swappable backup power solution for gear running from large power sources, such as VCLX block-style batteries, eliminating the need to power down a camera to change the main power source.  

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The DIONIC 26V 240Wh B-Mount weighs 3 lb / 1.36 kg, while the DIONIC 26V 98Wh B-Mount tips the scales at 2.05 lb / 930g.

The DIONIC 26V B-Mount Charger for B-Mount 26V batteries is claimed to be able to charge the 98Wh battery in around 1.5 hours and the 240Wh battery in around 3.5 hours.

The casing of the DIONIC 26V B-Mount batteries is made out of an ultra-high-strength polycarbonate blend. This protects the battery cells against extreme heat, humidity, and cold.

There are two methods to get 26 volts from a battery, regulated and native. Anton/Bauer chose native as it balances cell usage and requires fewer circuit boards packed on top of the cells which significantly reduces heat. According to Anton/Bauer, this allows the batteries to have many more charge cycles in their lifetime than regulated or dual-voltage batteries.

The 26V Gold Mount Plus Bracket (ARRI Alexa 35) allows you to power the ARRI Alexa 35 with Dionic 26V batteries. The bracket replaces the B-Mount plate and connects directly to the back of the Alexa 35, eliminating the need for extra cables. You can run the 90-Watt ARRI Alexa 35 for around 2.8 hours with a Dionic 26V 240Wh battery. A Dionic 26V 98Wh battery will run the camera for around 1.1 hours on a single battery.

Price & Availability

The Anton/Bauer 26V B-Mount range is now available to pre-order. Below are the prices:

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