RED V-RAPTOR Beta 1.3 Firmware

Screen Shot 2022 07 01 at 16 09 23

RED has released new Beta 1.3 Firmware for the V-RAPTOR. While this adds some new operational functionality and support for larger card capacities, it also fixes a lot of bugs that users were experiencing.

What is new in Beta 1.3 Firmware?

  • Added RED PRO 1320GB and 4TB support
  • Added Angelbird AV PRO MK2 660GB, 1320GB, 2TB and 4TB support
  • Added ProGrade 325GB and 650GB support
  • Added ELQ quality setting
  • Added DSMC3 Monitor through-camera firmware update support (Requires SmallHD OS5 or later)
  • Added discrete monitor LUT support
  • Added RED CONNECT (BETA) – Full Resolution Live R3D Streaming
  • Added timecode persists across boots
  • Added Basic, Standard and Technical overlay mode
  • Added Tint to SDI Advanced Overlay
  • Added Overlay Opacity control
  • Added Low Voltage Warning control
  • Added voltage display for non-communicating batteries
  • Added User calibration optimization reducing process from several minutes to approximately 30 seconds
  • Added QR code support for Wi-Fi passwords
  • Added RCP2 external lens data support
  • Added ‘Auto’ to Top LCD Resolution menu
  • Added AF Improvements
  • Fixed custom preset disappearing when assigned to user page
  • Fixed Unintended RF lens motor movement in manual mode
  • Fixed Sigma Cine lens communication issue
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed minimum lens F stop
  • Fixed static IP connect on startup
  • Fixed incorrect scrolling text
  • Fixed issue with Sensor Flip calibration
  • Fixed horizontal tear in 4K 8:1 at HFR
  • Fixed horizontal tear in Flip/Mirror mode
  • Fixed ‘low speed’ message with SanDisk CFx card
  • Fixed refresh of LUT menu after import or delete

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