Sabrent DS-SKRT-D16TB Thunderbolt 3 Dual NVMe SSD docking station- 8TB & 16TB capacity

Sabrent has a new DS-SKRT-D16TB Thunderbolt 3 that has up to 16TB of NVMe SSD inside a Docking Station. I like the idea of adding storage on a docking station. For mobile filmmakers and photographers, this looks like a great option to include both in one box.

The dock is fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

When plugged into a computer it will show two physical drives not one 16TB since there are two slots in the dock. The drives can also be RAIDed together with software-based RAID solutions. The dock is Thunderbolt 3 and requires a power brick to supply power.

Inside, there’s a Sabrent 16TB SSD that pushes out up to 1.5GB/sec (1500MB/sec) with extensive connectivity. You get two Thunderbolt 3 ports with up to 40Gbps of bandwidth, two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, and one USB 3.2 Type-C port, which are capable of up to 10Gbps.

There’s also a USB 3.0 Type-with up to 5Gbps, and a BC12 [email protected] charger for your smartphone, tablet, and other devices.

Sabrent DS SKRT 1

Sabrent includes DisplayPort 1.4 connectivity, which is suitable for up to 8K30 and 5K30 (as well as 4K60 and other lower resolutions). There’s HDR, HDCP 2.2, and VESA Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync).

In and Out Specifications

Sabrent DS SKRT 4
  • 2 x Thunderbolt 3 ports with a bandwidth of up to 40Gbps.
  • 2 x USB 3.2 Type-A ports supporting up to 10Gbps.
  • 1 x USB 3.2 Type-C supporting up to 10Gbps.
  • 1 x USB 3.0 Type-A supports up to 5Gbps and BC1.2 [email protected] charge for tablets and cell phones.
  • 1 x DisplayPort 1.4 for 8K @ 30Hz, 5K @ 30Hz, and lower resolutions. DisplayPort supports HDR, HDCP2.2, and VESA Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync) where available.
  • 1 x Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port.
  • 1 x Front-access 3.5mm audio output.
  • 1 x Front-access 3.5mm microphone input.
  • 1 x SD (UHS-II) card reader with transfer speeds up to 270MB/s.

Compatible with PD3.0 and capable of delivering up to 96 watts.

Sabrent DS SKRT 2

The DS-SKRT-D16TB includes a 1GbE ethernet port, front access 3.5mm audio output and microphone input, and an SD (UHS-II) card reader with up to 270MB/sec speeds. The DS-SKRT-D16TB Thunderbolt 3 16TB NVMe SSD Docking Station is USB Power Delivery (PD) 3.0, capable of up to 96W power.

Sabrent DS SKRT 5

While a Thunderbolt 4 version would be well received, Sabrent hasn’t officially stated that one will be coming.

Pricing and Options

The Sabrent DS-SKRT-D16TB Thunderbolt 3 Dual NVMe SSD docking station isn’t cheap, but it does offer a compact storage and hub all-in-one solution.

16TB – DS-SKRT-D16TB $2,899.99
8TB – DS-SKRT-D8TB $1,299.99
4TB – DS-SKRT-D4TB $649.99
2TB – DS-SKRT-D2TB $499.99

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