SmallHD Action 5 OS V.7

Screenshot 2022 06 18 at 9 49 40 AM

SmallHD has announced Action OS V.7 for its new Action 5 5.5″ monitor. This update adds some new features and fixes some known bugs.

Screenshot 2022 06 18 at 9 41 58 AM

New Features

  • Updated Look interface
  • You can now store 3 LUTs in monitor without leaving the USB drive attached
  • Renamed Built-in LUTs
  • Added Battery Meter
  • Added Menu Flip option
  • HDMI input display now shows Resolution and Framerate

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves HDMI connectivity issues
  • Fixes Tap & Drag behavior
  • No longer activates functions while sliding finger
  • Corrected image contrast (Black Level Color Bug)
  • Improvements to menu styling
  • Pixel Zoom Behavior Improved
  • Tapping pixel zoom window now moves view
  • Tap and drag behavior fixed

Recommended Practices

Connect third party external recorders directly downstream of your source device (i.e. camera), not downstream of the monitor

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