Hawk-Woods B-Lok Batteries for the ARRI ALEXA 35

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Hawk-Woods has introduced its new range of B-Lok (B-Mount) battery solutions for the ARRI ALEXA 35.

Hawk-woods has 3 different capacity-sized B-Lok (B-Mount) batteries, ranging from flight-safe solutions to high-capacity versions:

  • 98Wh
  • 150Wh
  • 350Wh

All 3 batteries feature a multi-directional D-tap output and a USB-C output and battery data communication to Arri equipment.

A 26V battery will outrun any 14V battery (which started off at the same capacity) as a 14V battery has had to work a lot harder to power the camera which leads to cell deterioration. One of the benefits of 26V batteries is that they will have a lot longer life than 14V batteries.

Hawk-Woods also has 2-way and 4-way B-mount chargers available.

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I couldn’t find any information on pricing for the new batteries.

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