Bright Tangerine KASBAH Shoulder Support System first look at Cine Gear 2022

At CineGear 2022, Erik Naso got a chance to see and try out the new Bright Tangerine KASBAH Shoulder Support System which is a new take on a product that has seen countless iterations over the decades.

Every camera operator is looking for that magic bullet solution when it comes to comfort. Shoulder mounting support systems are plentiful and varied, and everyone has their own favorite solution. Trying to make a shoulder pad that meets everyone’s requirements is a near-impossible task.

Bright Tangerine worked with camera operators to come up with the design for the KASBAH Shoulder Support System. The second step was to look away from traditional foam solutions, and instead, go with a Digital Light Synthesis (DLS). This is a process that was pioneered by CarbonTM, a Silicon Valley based tech company that uses digital light projection, oxygen-permeable optics and programmable liquid resins to form a unique matrix structure with an infinite number of density zones. I am not sure what all of that means, but hopefully, it results in a product that is comfortable to use on your shoulder!

Bright Tangerine claims that by utilizing this process, they have been able to come up with a shoulder pad that provides optimal cushioning and pressure relief in a single, seamless surface.

With shoulder pads, the comfort is determined by the shape of the pad, not by the amount of padding. The KASBAH Shoulder Support System pad wraps around the operator’s shoulder, and because of the way it has been designed it allows for a more universal fit.

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Nobody likes sweat, and foam shoulder pads produce more sweat than a heavyweight boxer after 10 rounds. According to Bright Tangerine, the open structure of the pad allows air to naturally flow through to help evaporate sweat and keep the operator cool. If it does need to be cleaned you can do so with water

How can you use the KASBAH Shoulder Support System?

The shoulder pad can be configured in two ways to suit different shooting styles. The included mounting adaptor allows the pad to connect to the rear of the LeftField 15mm LWS baseplate. By using the riser you can easily transition between a tripod and shoulder mount shooting without the pain of using a VCT plate.

Alternatively, the LeftField baseplate or any other baseplate with an ARRI
dovetail clamp can dock on top of the shoulder pad, which makes it compatible with third-party manufacturers. The baseplate can also be positioned along the length of the shoulder pad to adjust for optimal balance.


By attaching the rear 15mm bracket you can increase the mounting options even further. This allows you to add battery plates and other accessories which also serve as a counterbalance for larger camera builds.

Price & Availability

The Bright Tangerine KASBAH Shoulder Support System is available in a few different forms:

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