Sumolight SumoSnap rigging system

Sumolight has an impressive mounting system caller SumoSnap that has a two ton weight capacity rating. The Sumo Snap is designed for mounting their fixtures and comes standard on the Sumolight but it can also be used for other lights and rigging uses.

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The simple and effective rigging can hold a lot of weight and can also be adapted to other kit with a custom mounting plate that can be tapped for whatever purpose you need. The idea here is to have overkill support so you don’t have to worry about whether the clamp can hold the fixture.

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The SUMOSNAP is compatible with the standard Babypin / 16mm Spigot. Other pins can be manufactured on request.

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The SUMOClamp connects the SUMOSNAP directly to 2″ 50mm Truss Poles and Truss systems. The SUMOPin is an adapter to the larger Junior Pin / 28mm Spigot. Custom adapters can be easily created.

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Key features

  • Load Capacity – Holds any device up to 150 Kg (330 lbs); SF 10:1
  • Dimensions – D = 55 mm; L = 65 mm
  • Weight – 347 g
  • Compatibility
  • Fits standard Junior Pin / 16 mm Spigot
  • Can be adapted to almost any device for retrofit; up to 10mm (3/8) internal thread or any bolt within this range

The SumoSnap retails for $95 USD and is available today.

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