SUMOLIGHT SUMOLASER First Look at Cine Gear 2022

At Cine Gear 2022, Erik Naso talked to SUMOLIGHT about its new SUMOLASER, a daylight point-source designed for film and broadcast applications, live events, and architecture.

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SUMOLASER is based on a new class of laser emitters, that can put a precision beam of light on a stage or project miles into the sky. Despite only weighing 10.8 lbs / 4.9kg this new fixture is capable of producing outputs that can rival traditional 18kW HMI daylight sources weighing more than ten times as much. The laser module is 8.03 x 7.65 x 7.56″ / 204 x 194 x 192mm (HxWxL), and the Yoke-Mount and Control Box, spigot, 7-engine module together measure 18.9 x 11.42 x 12.6″ (H x W x L) / 480 x 290 x 320mm. The front face of the module is 7.65″ / 194mm.

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Each SUMOLASER includes a 7-engine laser module producing a 2.6-degree beam angle which combines to form a tight homogenized beam. SUMOLIGHT has made its own unique optics for the SUMOLASER.

If you combine multiple units together, the beam width increases but the angle remains the same. This allows for greater output and a fuller, fatter pencil beam.

SUMOLIGHT is quick to point out that this is a light that was designed to be placed a long way away from where your subject is. They state that you probably wouldn’t want to use it at distances under 150′ / 45.7m as it can produce some funky colors and there are better alternatives on the market if the light needs to be used at closer distances.

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The SUMOLASER looks to be a great light to use with systems such as the Lightbridge CRLS reflectors if you need to throw light over a large distance and then bounce it in a different direction.

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SUMOLASER has a fixed 5800°K color temperature, and it draws 175W of power. It can output 150,000 lux / 45,700 footcandles measured at 328-ft / 100m.

SUMOLASER is fully modular, with individual units that come in convenient hexagonal form factor. Each fixture may be controlled individually via DMX or local touchscreen, and they can also be built into custom combination patterns. The SUMOSNAP one-click quick-release connecting system allows multiple fixtures to be safely and easily combined to create larger, more powerful arrays. The fixture also uses a secure screw-free interface so you can mount ii to truss systems, standard junior pins, and other grip hardware.

SUMOLASER is IP65 rated for safety compliancy regardless of conditions so it is safe for indoor or outdoor use.

In a lot of ways, the SUMOLIGHT SUMOLASER is a look into what may be possible down the track with laser technology for lighting applications.

There is currently no firm information about price or availability, but SUMOLIGHT told us that it will probably retail for $4,000 USD +.

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