Halter Technical Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System

Halter Technical, a well-known company for on-set headphones, has a new innovative Bluetooth discreet audio monitoring system called Microsone. While the idea isn’t new, implementing a receiver that can be paired with any analog wireless system is unique.

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When they say any brand wireless, they mean it, but it has to be analog so no 2.4Ghz systems. Simply tune the frequency on the receiver, which pairs with the transmitter. The system frequencies are 174-217MHz and 470-608MHz. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to the earbud.

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This system can be used in several ways for discreet audio monitoring, such as having talent hear direction from a director or playing music so the talent can sing along without the microphone picking up the music for clean recordings. The options are up to you as the user since your using your transmitter and whatever audio feed you want to send through the MicroSone system.

Halter Technical Microsone Specifications

Microsone Specifications 1
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The kit comes with two earbuds that charge in a small case. Each earbud has 4-5 hours of operation. It comes in a travel case and includes the receiver, charging case, and two earbuds.

Halter Technical MicroSone is currently being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo and has reached over 933% of its target goal of $10,000. Yes, that is one successful campaign; however, just like all crowdfunded campaigns, there is some inherent risk. The retail price is $1200, and the expected delivery is in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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