Tokina Cinema Vista Prime lens customized color options

Tokina Cinema has announced a new customized color option for its Vista Prime lenses. Vista Custom as it is being referred to as is a highly durable ceramic custom color treatment for any Vista Prime lens, whether new or previously purchased.

Vista Custom allows owners top to choose from over 50 colors, with hundreds of possible combinations. If you are someone who likes customization, then you can create your own unique lens that mirrors your individuality.

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The service is available for any of 12 Vista Prime focal lengths. The color treatment can be applied to the whole lens body, or individual parts if someone is seeking a two-tone look. The color of engravings can also be altered to suit the chosen colors. The Vista Custom service is offered by Tokina Cinema USA and is not a factory modification.

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According to Tokina Cinema, the benefits of the Vista Custom treatment are not just purely aesthetic. The specialist ceramic coating of the metalwork is said to improve the performance of the lens in demanding environments. It is abrasion-resistant so it won’t scratch or wear in the same way as traditional anodizing. There are even 6 different black/grey color shades available if a user wants increased abrasion resistance without overly modifying the look of the lenses. The coating is also colorfast thanks to advanced UV resistant technology.

How much does this cost?

Customization doesn’t come cheap. The Vista Custom treatment costs $1980 USD per lens. Coating individual lens parts range from $250-$900 USD in cost depending on the complexity. A 10% discount is given for a quantity of 6 or more complete lenses.

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