Core SWX RED Raptor Hotswap Plate

At Cine Gear 2022 Core SWX shows the new RED Raptor Hot-Swap Plate. The CXV-TS-VRAP connects to the v-mount of the DSMC3 Raptor to allow you to attach two V-mount battery packs (full size, mini or micro) to the rear of the camera. Different from some other plates, the all-aluminum build of this plate makes it feel like part of the camera, with a solid build. They have added new features on this plate that they have never done before.

Core SWX RED Raptor Hot Swap Plate 00 02 09 12 Still002

Since the Raptor outputs are found on the rear of the camera, this hotswap allows you to slide out the right side mount plate to the proper depth not to block the inputs and outputs of the Raptor camera. The set screw then locks the positioning in place, allowing you to accommodate any size battery pack. A storage slot with a magnetic hold keeps the allen key in place to reposition at any time.

Core SWX RED Raptor Hot Swap Plate 00 02 29 21 Still003

Choose between discharging both battery packs at the same time equally or one and then the other. To draw from both batteries equally, switch the button to the “I I” setting. When the switch is in the “I+I” setting, it will draw power from the camera operator’s side battery first and then move to the other. Either way, you choose, you can still hot-swap batteries to keep continuous power going to your camera and accessories. All mode changes should be done before camera startup. The switch is deactivated once power is drawn from the plate.

The CXV-TS-VRAP RED Raptor Hotswap Plate retails for $699 and is available now.

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