CORE SWX Cube Plus with 4pin XLR DC Input

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At CineGear 2022, CORE SWX has announced the Cube Plus with 4pin XLR DC Input. The Cube Plus with 4pin XLR DC Input is available in either V-mount or AB Gold mount.

This version has a 4pin XLR DC input so that it can accept 12 to 34 volts, providing you the flexibility of using various outputs from your block battery, such as CORE SWX’s own Maverick, or an AC to DC power supply.  Like the original Cube Plus announced at NAB, this unit will also simultaneously charge the on-board battery pack while also powering the device.  

The Cube Plus with 4pin XLR DC Input is now available to pre-order for $699 USD and it is expected to start shipping in mid-June.


DC Output: up to 200w(dependent upon DC input power source)
Quick Charge Current: up to 3A*
Protection: Over Current, Voltage & Temperature
Dimensions: 4.8′′ x 3.3′′ x 3.7′′
Weight: 1.2lbs.
Input Voltage: DC 12-34v

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