Aputure releases Seven New P600c Accessories

At Cine Gear 2022 Aputure had a very large 2000-square foot booth to show all their current offerings plus two demo areas that are packed with lights to see them in action.

They also had a demo room in the back with some bright-colored items and an ARRI Alexa so you can play around and see how the lights look. They stated the booth is the largest one they have ever had at a trade show.

Aputure announced seven new accessories for the P600c LED panel. softbox, barn doors, 45° metal grid, space light, dual head yoke, pole yoke, plus a rain shield. As usual, Aputure has set very reasonable pricing for all of the new kit. Prices range from $69 to $349.


P600c Softbox 1

This Aputure Softbox is a 24 x 36″ softbox specifically designed for the Nova P600c LED panel. The softbox features a highly reflective interior for improved light efficiency, and this medium-sized light modifier increases the overall surface area of the panel to enable a soft, wraparound quality. Includes a 45° light control grid that narrows and concentrates the light’s beam for directional control. Retails for $149

Aputure Barndoors

P600c Barndorrs

The Aputure Barndoors slide directly into the fixture’s accessory slots. They allow you to quickly shape the light, adjust the panel’s illuminance area, and include fabric light leak covers to eliminate excess light spill from the sides of the barndoors. The four-leaf barndoors provide sharp cuts and are an excellent tool for controlling light. Retails for $199 USD

45° Metal Grid

P600c Grid 1

The 45° Metal Grid slides directly into the unit’s accessory slots to narrow the spread of light and eliminate spill. It features a lightweight and low-profile design and allows you to further control your fixture without any noticeable gain in size or weight. Retails for $69 USD

Space Light Diffuser

P600c Lantern

The Aputure Space Light Diffuser features a cylindrical design, which is achieved by mounting the light into a suspended circular-shaped frame. This allows the panel to spread light 360° wider area. Offering 360° illumination with an adjustable light control skirt, the inner layer of the light control skirt is slightly reflective, and in combination with the black outer layer, it completely eliminates spill light. A versatile modifier with multiple creative applications, when only one side of the skirt is rolled down, the soft light is given direction. Meanwhile, when the skirt has been completely closed, the resulting light is projected downwards through a circular aperture for dramatic effect. Retails for $199 USD


Dual Head Yoke

The Aputure Dual Head Yoke allows you to mount two Nova P600c lamp heads onto a single yoke, providing the equivalent surface area of a 2 x 2′ light fixture. Both lamp heads feature independent 360° tilt adjustment so you can achieve a wider spread of light or a high-intensity push in a single direction. By stacking the two units and utilizing vertical space. Retails for $349

Pole Yoke

Designed for studio use and permanent installations the Aputure Pole Operated Yoke allows you to mount the Nova P600c LED Panel to a lighting grid. By rotating the knobs affixed to the yoke, the pan and tilt axes of the fixture can be independently adjusted for 360° rotation. A pole can be used to operate the pan and tilt axes from a lower height, removing the need to climb up to the lighting grid when the angle of the Nova P600c needs to be adjusted. Retails for $349 USD

Rain Shield

P600c Rain Sheild

The Rain Shield protects the fixture from inclement weather. It features high-density waterproof nylon fabric, and installation is simple with metal side supports that slide into the accessory slot of the panel. The shield also provides reusable hook-and-loop fasteners that can withstand more than 2,000 repeat applications. Retails for $149 USD

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The new accessories look very useful at an affordable price.

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