Teradek Serv Micro

At CineGear 2022, Teradek has announced Serv Micro, an HDMI-only wireless video and production-streaming solution.

Teradek Serv Micro

Serv Micro integrates wifi-based wireless video with off-set streaming setups for real-time collaboration, no matter the size of a production budget. It has an easy-to-use cloud workflow and simple tools for sharing and viewing.

Teradek Serv Micro

Serv Micro is a wifi-based wireless video transmitter system that works with or without an internet connection, a local solution that supports up to 10 local device streams and a cloud-enabled solution that manages and shares live camera feeds on unlimited devices anywhere in the world.

Up to 10 devices can stream on a local network using Teradek’s Vuer app, with iOS, Android, PC, and MacOS support. Unlimited devices can access live streaming and instant recordings via the Teradek Core cloud streaming platform. If your internet connection is lost, recordings are saved to an SD card for secure upload once the connection has been restored. Streams are compatible with MacOS, iOS, Android, and web browsers.

The Serv Micro is limited to streaming 4:2:0 8-bit 1080p at up to 30p with a maximum bitrate of up to 15Mbps.

Serv Micro also comes equipped with HDMI in and loop-through, ethernet and wifi connectivity, an auxiliary audio input, USB type A connection for easy connection to cellular bonding options, and a built-in L-Series battery plate.

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The Serv Micro is the most affordable entry-level product in the Serv series and it now joins the Serv 4K and Serv Pro.

There is currently no indication of pricing or availability.

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