MAGIC SSD Card With a USB-C Connector? Yes Please!

Wouldnt be great not to have to pull out a card reader to transfer the files from a CFast 2.0 card? That is now an option with the world’s first USB Type-C enabled SSD Card from Magic SSD. Before you get too excited, this new product is on Kickstarter, so you know the risks in contributing to it. Today, they have over $51K pledged of the $4,804 goal, so yeah, they went way over. MAGIC SSD has September 2022 as the shipping date.

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The Cards are designed to work with macOS, Windows, and Linux. It can also be used with other devices, such as your smartphones and gaming consoles, providing ultra-fast transfer speeds and extra-large capacity expansion. They are compatible with a wide range of CFast 2.0 cameras as well.


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The MAGIC SSD Card can reach a top transfer speed of 535MB/s and a sustained transfer speed of 460MB/s. MAGIC SSD Cards are available in two different forms with a built-in USB-C port.

With its built-in USB-C port, the MAGIC GO is perfect for daily everyday use.
The MAGIC PRO, also with a USB-C port and CFast 2.0 compatibility, is designed for professional use.

MAGIC SSD Cards can reach max read and write speeds of 660MB/s and 570MB/s, respectively. With sustained data transfer speeds of 460 MB/s, the MAGIC SSD Cards enable transfers of extra-large files, including 4K video or a bunch of high-resolution images, in seconds. 

Available in 1TB and 2TB formats, The MAGIC GO is perfect for daily use everywhere. The MAGIC PRO can be used to record a variety of content, such as 6K raw video and high-resolution images, continuous burst shooting, and more.

MAGIC PRO Compatibility

MAGIC SSD has claimed MAGIC PRO is compatible and can be used with all cameras that use CFast 2.0 media, however, cameras from ARRI and Canon have issues with certain parameters such as capacity. ARRI is even more particular. Again this is a risk with Kickstarter crowdfunding.
*Last updated: Wed, May 25, 2022

  • EOS 1DX Mark ll
  • EOS C200
  • EOS C300 Mark ll
  • EOS C700
  • XC10
  • XC15
  • Pocket Cinema Camera 4K,
  • Pocket Cinema Camera 6K,
  • Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro,
  • URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2,
  • URSA Broadcast,
  • URSA Mini Pro 4.6K
  • URSA, URSA Mini 4K,
  • URSA Mini 4.6K
  • ZCAM
  • E2
  • H6D-400c MS,
  • H6D-100c,
  • H6D-50c
  • ARRI
  • AMIRA,
  • ALEXA Mini,


  • MAGIC PRO SSD Card 1TB $159
  • MAGIC PRO SSD Card 2TB $299
  • MAGIC GO SSD Card 1TB $79
  • MAGIC GO SSD Card 2TB $169

The idea is a good one. It opens up a CFast card into an SSD drive for other file transfers making that investment on a media card go a little bit further than just in a camera. As with all crowdfunding campaigns, there is an inherent risk.

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