edelkrone Controller v2

edelkrone Controller v2 is their newest dedicated remote control solution. The compact remote works with all of edelkrone’s motorized gear to provide fast & easy control over their equipment. The latest version features twice the battery life compared to the previous generation and an option for a fully wired connection between the controller and edelkrone devices.

Wireless Connection Compatibility 

  • Slide Module v2 / v3
  • JibONE v1 / v2
  • SliderONE v2
  • SliderONE PRO v2
  • HeadONE, Pan PRO
  • HeadPLUS v2
  • HeadPLUS v2 PRO
  • FocusPLUS PRO
  • DollyONE
  • DollyPLUS
  • DollyPLUS PRO (HeadPLUS / HeadPLUS PRO with or without Focus Module)

Wired Connection Compatibility 

  • Slide Module v3
  • JibONE v2
  • Pan PRO
  • HeadPLUS v2
  • HeadPLUS v2 PRO
  • FocusPLUS PRO
edelkrone controller v21

edelkrone Controller v2 includes the essential features of the edelkrone mobile app, freeing up your mobile device as you film and offering a much longer battery life than standard smartphones. You can use the navigation pad on edelkrone Controller v2 to adjust speed, acceleration, and any axis of your edelkrone devices, including slide, swing, pan, tilt and focus.


Key features

  • Simplest & fastest way to control your edelkrone
  • Compatible with all edelkrone motion control devices
  • Up to 82 ft. (25 m) wireless range
  • Wired connection option to single compatible edelkrone devices (cable sold separately)
  • Works with Link Hub for a wired connection option to more than one edelkrone device
  • Up to 131 ft. (40 m) of total cable length with wired connections (3.5 mm audio cables)
  • Bigger, easier to read OLED display
  • Compact design that fits in any pocket
  • It comes with a hand strap for safety
  • CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel components
  • Firmware update ready
  • Works with x2 AA batteries (sold separately). Rechargeable batteries: 10 hours (wireless), 23 hours (wired)
  • Alkaline batteries: 9 hours (wireless), 28 hours (wired)
  • Lithium batteries: 19 hours (wireless), 50 hours (wired)
  • * Zinc-carbon batteries: Not recommended.
edelkrone controller v23

You can program the position of the gear using the buttons on edelkrone Controller v2 or by moving the devices by hand to easily save, recall, and loop the positions with the remote. You can use Gesture Control Mode to program your compatible devices simply by moving the controller. You can even customize simple time-lapses automated by edelkrone’s smart software.

Improved User Experience

edelkrone controller v22

edelkrone Controller v2 comes with three significant improvements. The first is the battery life. edelkrone Controller v2 has 10 hours of continuous wireless use with just two rechargeable AA batteries, twice as much as the previous generation remote control released by edelkrone in 2020. The new controller also supports wired connections with compatible devices, which doubles the battery life to 20 hours and is suitable for environments with high wireless interference. And finally, edelkrone Controller v2 features a bigger, easier-to-read screen for an improved user experience.

edelkrone Controller v2 is available for preorder today for $139.

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