Swit releases huge capacity PB-C420S 420Wh battery

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Swit has released what they state is the largest capacity battery available today. The PB-C420S is a 14.4V, 29.1Ah battery that can supply a constant power load of 250W/20A, and a peak load of 305W. The battery is made up of 24 individual Li-ion cells.

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With more and more devices coming out that draw large amounts of power, higher capacity batteries are needed. The biggest caveat with high-capacity batteries you can’t travel with them on a plane. Most airlines limit the max capacity to 160wh, and even then you are only allowed to carry two batteries between 100-160Wh.

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The largest capacity 14.4V V-mount batteries that I am aware of top out around 290Wh.

The new PB-C420S is currently only available in V-Lock. It is still unclear whether Swit will release the new battery in other mounts such as B and Gold Mount.

250W Constant High Load

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Swit states the PB-C420S outputs at least 250W/20A high load even at 1% capacity (Peak load up to 305W), to drive high-power Cine cameras and on-camera devices together. The high load cells will also ensure battery life compared to normal load batteries. The new battery features an over current protection of 24A.

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The PB-C420S features two 150W/10A D-tap outputs and it has a five-level power bar indicator.

The battery weighs 2.07 kg / 4.56 lb and it has physical dimensions of 155 x 101 x 80mm.

PB-C420S Charger

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SWIT states that the PB-C420S supports 100W/6A fast charging on a compatible charger. They go on to say that you can charge the battery from 0-80% in just under 4 hours, and fully charge the battery in 5 hours and 20 minutes.

PC-C420S Specifications

Nominal Voltage14.4V
Capacity420Wh, 29.1Ah
Power Load250W/20A Constant, 305W Peak
D-tap2× D-tap 150W/10A in total
ChargingDC 16.8V, 6A Max
Size/Weight155×101×80mm, 2.07kg

If you are running high-powered LED lights or large cameras with high power draws then batteries with a big capacity like this do make sense. With a peak load of 305W, a pair of Swit PC-C420S‘s should be able to power a 600-watt light at full power. That is something I would like to test!

Pricing & Availability

At this time pricing and availability have not been released. I’ll update the article once it is announced.

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