Aputure Announces Sidus Link Wireless DMX Integration

Aputure is taking Sidus Link up a few notches with the addition of Wireless DMX. This is big news if you like using the app to control Aputure and amaran fixtures and have other non Aputure fixtures in the mix. Now you can use Sidus Link to control all the fixtures.

IMG 6553
Sidus Link controlling Arri Skypanel and Astera Tube lights

If a fixture has wireless DMX or LumenRadio built-in the Sidus link can control it. This control includes all the features that are available on the light such as Kelvin and HSL options plus you can use Sidus Link color picker features as well.

Screen Shot 2022 04 26 at 11 08 59 AM

If a fixture doesn’t have wireless DMX a dongle can be plugged into the light to give it wireless connectivity. Aputure states they are working on a wireless adapter for just this purpose.

Subscription pricing for Sidus Link iPad

These new features are for the iPad version of the Sidus link.

  • Pro Standard: $9.99/yearly
  • Pro Premium: $14.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (3 members): $26.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (5 members): $41.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (10members): $79.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (15 members): $109.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (20 members): $139.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (25 members): $169.99/yearly
  • Pro Team (30 members): $199.99/yearly

The addition of wires DMX control was announced at NAB and will be available soon.

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