Accsoon CineView HE

Accsoon CineView HE

Accsoon has launched yet another wireless transmitter and receiver system, called the CineView HE. This is being touted as an affordable high performance HDMI only TX/RX kit with UVC direct streaming.

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The CineView HE shares a lot of similarities with the CineVIew Quad that was announced a few days ago, but one of the ways it differentiates itself is by having a much larger operating distance of up to 1200ft / 350m. Yes, you get a longer claimed operating range, but you also sacrifice getting any SDI in and outs.

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The new Accsoon CineView HE operates on Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. The way this works is that the transmitter sends the same image twice using 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies, and the receiver then combines the two streams as needed to create a complete single stream. Because CineView HE utilizes Dual Band frequencies at the same time it is claimed to be inherently more stable than its rivals.

Key features

  • 2.4GHz+5GHz Dual-Band transmission technology
  • Claimed latency of less than 0.06s
  • Long-distance transmission range of 1200 ft/350m
  • HDMI In & Loop-out, UVC Out
  • 1 Transmitter can connect up to 4 Devices – Receivers, smartphones or iPads
  • Fanless design for silent operation
  • TX and RX weigh just 200g each
  • Power by NP-F type battery, DC Input or USB-C
  • Wireless remote monitoring via Accsoon Go App
  • Automatic channel selection for optimal transmission
  • Group pairing knob
  • FHD video and high-quality audio transmission
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • 1.3″ OLED screen
  • Firmware upgradable

UVC Direct Streaming

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A UVC output via USB-C allows direct connection of the CineView HE receiver to a computer so you can livestream HD images. This helps to simplify the whole process of going live on YouTube, TikTok and other RTMP streaming platforms. This is the same capability as what Hollyland features in its COSMO C1. The CineView HE receiver can also be used with vision mixers with UVC or HDMI inputs for increased flexibility.

Size & Weight

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The CineView HE is both smaller and lighter than previous models, with the transmitter and receiver each weighing in at 200g / 7.05 oz. Both the TX and RX units feature a fanless design and are made out of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy.

Remote Viewing

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You can use up to four receiving devices at the same time in any combination with the same CineView HE transmitter. There is also the ability to transmit images to not only CineView receivers but also iOS/Android devices using the Accsoon Go app.“ This can be done at the same time, so more people can view your images.

The free Accsoon Go iOS and Android app offers a range of monitoring and recording features such as Focus Peaking, Histogram, False Color, viewing with 3D LUTs and HD recording of the video for instant review and social media sharing. A new feature will also allow recording of the image with LUT applied which is handy.

How is it powered?

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The CineView HE can be powered with NP-F type batteries (NP-F550/750/970) or by a DC port (7.4V-16.8V). Newly added to the CineView HE is the ability to power via USB-C cable (minimum 5V/2A). Multiple power sources can be connected at once providing continuous power fallback in the event one source runs out.

The CineView HE has low power consumption and Accsoon claims that a single NP-F970 battery can last up to 12 hours.

Other Features

The CineView HE transmitter has an HDMI loop-out function to allow other HDMI monitors and devices to be attached downstream of the unit.

The CineView HE also features four removable antennae.

Price & Availability

The CineView HE transmitter/receiver kit will be available in May 2022 for $499 USD. The CineView HE will be on display on the Accsoon booth C6822 at NAB 2022.


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Hollyland COSMO C1

Direct competition comes from the Hollyland COSMO C1 which costs $899 USD. The COSMO C1 works in the 5.1GHz-5.8GHz frequency spectrum. It has most of the same capabilities as the Accsoon although the TX has an SDI In, SDI Out, and an HDMI In, while the RX has an SDI Out, SDI In, and an HDMI Out. The Hollyland has a claimed operating range of 1000′ Line-of-Sight which is slightly shorter than the claimed range of the Accsoon.

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