Delkin Devices PRIME UHS-II (V60) SD memory cards

Delkin Devices PRIME UHS-II (V60) SD memory cards

Delkin Devices has announced the return of one of their former top-selling high-speed memory lines, the PRIME UHS-II (V60) SD memory cards.

The new and improved PRIME SD cards are being touted as offering professional-level performance that meets industry standards while at an affordable price.

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The Delkin PRIME SD cards feature a V60-rated video speed class and they have claimed recording speeds that are said to surpass 150MB/s. Delkin says that these cards have a guaranteed minimum sustained write speed of 60MB/s, allowing for simultaneous multi-file recording and ensuring that data is written swiftly and safely to the card.

The Delkin PRIME UHS-II (V60) SD memory cards are also capable of offloading data at speeds of up to 280 MB/s. According to Delkin, each card has undergone extensive testing to ensure full functionality and performance in the latest DSLRs and camcorders, including options from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic and Fujifilm. The cards are also fully backward compatible with older non-UHS-II devices.

I couldn’t find any pricing information for these cards, but as a reference, the older versions retail for $29.99 USD for 64GB, $44.99 USD for 128GB, and $99.99 USD for 256GB.

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