Core SWX Cube Plus

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Core SWX has unveiled the Cube Plus, this is a lightweight, all-aluminum 120w on-board power supply that is capable of powering a camera or other device all while simultaneously charging your attached battery.

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The Cube Plus can charge any on-board camera battery at up to 3A per hour. It takes roughly around 2 hours to fully charge a 98Wh battery depending on the power supply load.

The Cube Plus was designed to act as an uninterruptable power source should AC mains power be disconnected. Not only will it switch from AC to on-board power for the camera or device that is being used, but the two P-tap connections are also automatically supplied power so that any connected accessories also remain powered up.

You place the Cube Plus between your camera and your battery. This can be useful if you are shooting events from a fixed position and using mains power. As it is simultaneously supplying power to your camera and charging the battery you have attached, if you lose mains power or need to move you can simply disconnect the mains cable and everything still stays powered up.

Key features

  • For Gold Mount or V-mount Batteries (depending on the model you choose)
  • Simultaneously Power Camera or Device
  • 120W Supply, 2 x D-Tap Outputs
  • LED Status Indicators
  • Charge 98Wh Battery Pack in 2 Hours
  • 100-240 VAC Power for Worldwide Use
  • Includes AC Power Cord
  • Fanless Design, Aluminum Construction

The Cube Plus has physical dimensions of 4.8 x 3.7 x 3.3″ / 121.9 x 94 x 83.8 mm and it weighs 1.2 lb / 0.5 kg.

The Cube Plus has internal protections along with a replaceable 10A fuse. It accepts 100-240VAC, making it useable worldwide and it includes an AC power cord. It doesn’t use any type of fan and operates silently.

Price & Availability

The Cube Plus will start shipping beginning of May in V-mount (CUBE-PLV) and 3-stud (CUBE-PLA). Here are the prices:

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