Vocas Sony VENICE 2 Camera Accessories

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Vocas has a range of camera accessories for the Sony VENICE 2. All of the accessories from Vocas are compatible with both the original VENICE and the VENICE 2.

Top plate for Venice €285

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The Top plate features an integrated level marker to help you adjust your camera’s horizon.

It also features industry-standard 3/8″ and 1/4″ threaded holes to give you numerous options for mounting accessories to the top plate.

Additionally, you can add extra 15mm or 19mm rails to your setup, by using the optional Vocas 3/8″ to 15mm bracket (0600-0140) or Vocas 3/8″ to 19mm bracket (0600-0145). The Top plate allows you to use the original Sony handgrip and viewfinder bracket. The Top plate also has the option to re-mount the measure tape pin.

Top plate kit for Venice €345

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The Top plate kit includes a 15mm rail holder, which allows you to attach a viewfinder or lens motor.

The kit consists of the following items:

  • Top plate for Venice (0350-1394)
  • 15mm rail holder (0350-2010)

Side plate for Venice 2 €115

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The Side Plate features industry-standard 3/8″ and 1/4″ thread holes and it goes on the assistant’s side of the camera. When attached, you have numerous extra options to mount accessories, such as audio and video transmitters, to the side of the camera.

Please note that due to the design of the Venice, this product is only compatible with the Venice 2.

3/8″ to 19mm bracket €109

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This bracket can be mounted on any Arri style 3/8” hole, offering a connection to a 19 mm rail. It is Ideal for front-facing 19 mm rails for mounting accessories such as focus motors or matte boxes.

USBP-15 MKII €695

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The USBP-15 MKII is a 15mm universal shoulder base plate to convert the VENICE/VENICE 2 into a shoulder-mounted camera. The base plate is adjustable in height and with a unique quick-release balancing system.

For even more comfort, you can replace the included shoulder pad with the Vocas Soft shoulder pad (0350-2320), without using any tools thanks to the integrated magnetic system. We also offer the USBP-15 MKII including Soft shoulder pad, which can be purchased via item code: 0350-2200-02.

BP-19 MKII €895

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The BP-19 MKII is a 19 mm, height-adjustable balance plate with a unique quick-release balancing system.

The BP-19 MKII is part of the Vocas Sliding System, a revolutionary way to mount cameras to different setups while balancing the camera optimally.

The height-adjustable front rails of the BP-19 MKII provide compatibility for the Venice. Included in the set, is a short balance dovetail plate (0350-2021), to mount the 19 mm setup directly to any tripod. By using the BP-19 MK II, both the integrated sliding system on the upper side of the plate and the balance dovetail plate, offer you lots of stability and balancing options.

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