Comica Audio BoomX-U QUA four-channel multi-function wireless microphone

Comica Audio BoomX-U QUA

Comica Audio has announced the BoomX-U QUA four-channel multi-function wireless microphone system. The BoomX-U QUA consists of four TX units and a single four-channel capable RX unit.

The BoomX-U QUA looks like an interesting product if you are on a budget.

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The BoomX-U QUA works on UHF frequencies. You can choose from 24 Selectable UHF Channel. The claimed operating distance is 120m / 394′ and the battery life is stated at being 6.5 hours.

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The BoomX-U QUA allows users to mix up to four audio tracks or use individual outputs. Here is where it gets a little confusing as Comix Audio doesn’t specifically list or state how this exactly works.

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I am not sure why anyone would want to mix four channels of audio into a single track.

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The whole idea of having a four-channel system is so that you can have four different audio sources going to a single RX unit that can then be outputted and recorded as separate individual tracks. The TX unit has two 3.5mm outputs that are marked A/B and C/D. What is slightly odd is that the kit comes with a 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRS cable and a 3.5mm TRS to a single XLR cable. These cables won’t give you the ability to be able to output four individual tracks. To record four individual tracks you would need to be outputting to a mixer/recorder, or audio interface/camera that could accept a 3.5mm stereo source as well as two XLR inputs. You would also need a 3.5mm TRS to dual XLR splitter cable which isn’t included.

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Comica Audio also states that you can use one TX unit and have it sent to multiple RX units if they are all on the same channel.

Key features

  • 24 UHF channels
  • Multi-receiver monitoring
  • Multi-transmitters to one receiver: four sound sources can be recorded at the same time
  • 180° foldable dual antenna.
  • 120m transmission distance
  • Four audio track mixing and individual output
  • Charging while in use
  • 6.5 hour battery life
  • Internal and external input modes
  • Auto channel scanning
  • Manual channel-setting
  • LCF
  • 16-level adjusted gain control and muting functions
  • LCD screen
  • Four lavalier mics are included
  • Multi-functional belt clip
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The BoomX-U QUA dual antennas can be folded down180 degrees for compact travel.

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As I previously mentioned, the battery life of the BoomX-U QUA is 6.5 hours, however, you can power it externally via a USB power bank.

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You can use the built-in microphone on the RX units or attach the included lavalier microphone which features a locking connector.

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The TX units come with belt clips and the RX unit features a removable clip that has a cold shoe attachment on it.

What do you get?

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The BoomX-U QUA includes four transmitters, one receiver, four lavalier mics, four wind muffs, TRS-TRS cable, TRS-XLR cable, 3-in-1 charge cable, belt clip, cold shoe mount, and carrying case.

Price & Availability

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The BoomX-U QUA is now available for $359 USD.

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