Bright Tangerine Cine Tape Rangefinder Bracket for the Misfit Kick, Kick 360 & ARRI LMB matte boxes

Bright Tangerine has released its new Cine Tape Rangefinder Bracket for the Misfit Kick, Kick 360, and ARRI LMB matte boxes.

The Rangefinder mount provides a pivoting base to support optical measuring devices like a Cine Tape, CineRT Focusbug, or an ARRI UDM-1.
Optical measuring devices require line-of-sight which typically places them in front and above the matte box. This creates an issue when filters or lenses need to be changed as the assembly becomes an obstruction for the AC and they then need to remove the Cine Tape first. When returning the assembly, if the sensor is not returned to the same position, it needs to be recalibrated to ensure accurate readings, taking up critical time on set.

Sliding Cine Tape Bracket

To solve this issue, a pivoting base allows for the rangefinder assembly to swing away for clear access to the matte box. The sensor assembly can then swing back to its original position removing the need to recalibrate. The knurled locking knob secures the base, with indents at every 45-degrees for quick alignment.

Cine Tape Carriage ARRI LMB Compatibility

The carriage has a 3/8-16″ anti-twist mount and is compatible with the ARRI LMB accessory rail (K2.0013014) and ARS range of rails for mounting to the top handle or cage.

Cine Tape Rail for Misfit Kick

Installation of the rail only requires two bolts, connecting to the upgraded top flag brackets on the Misfit Kick and 360. This means it can be installed and removed without dismantling the matte box. The mounting points spaced wide apart minimizes any flex and increases the stability of the bracket. Safety stops on each end prevent the bracket from sliding off accidentally.

Price & Availability

The Bright Tangerine Cine Tape Rangefinder Bracket is now available for $217.80 USD.

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The Bright Tangerine Cine Tape Rangefinder Upgrade Kit is $222.75 USD.

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