HYPERDOLLY is a motorized dolly system that was primarily designed so users can capture unique hyperlapses.

The concept for HYPERDOLLY is quite simple yet unique. Unlike traditional motion control systems, such as sliders, HYPERDOLLY has an unlimited path length and the ability to move in an arc.

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The HYPERDOLLY is still reasonably compact as it features a fold-up design. All you need to do is unfold it and then tighten a single screw.

The way it works is that there is a steering angle adjustment mechanism that allows you to make tiny changes to the curve the HYPERDOLLY will take.

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Even though the HYPERDOLLY was primarily designed to be used on flat surfaces, it can also be used on uneven surfaces as it features large wheels, a powerful motor, and a braking function.

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The HYPERDOLLY features an onboard intervalometer that allows you to set your own parameters.

The payload capacity of the HYPERDOLLY is 11kg / 24.25 lb. There is no indication of how much the actual HYPERDOLLY weighs. You can mount a camera directly to the HYPERDOLLY or you can use a tripod to get the correct height you need.

Screenshot 2022 02 22 at 12 42 58 PM

There is an output on the HYPERDOLLY that you can use to directly connect your camera. The dolly seems to be powered via a single Sony NP style battery so I would imagine that it doesn’t draw too much power. In turn, I don’t think you could use this device for anything other than hyperlapses as it isn’t going to move very quickly.

Key features

  • Smooth running
  • Silent motor
  • Low speeds (min 0.9 cm/s)
  • Loop mode for interviews
  • High load capabilities (up to 11 kg / 24.25 lb)
  • Manual mode (dolly is moved by hands)

Above you can see some example videos of results obtained by using the HYPERDOLLY.

Price & Availability

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The HYPERDOLLY will soon be on Kickstarter. The early bird price will be $1350 USD which is 20% off the $1680 USD retail price. As with any crowdfunding project please use your own common sense when choosing to back a product or not as there are no guarantees.

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