philmColor R3

philmColor R3

Phil Holland has released philmColor R3. You may recall that we ran an article on the original philmColor back in 2017. philmColor was originally made specifically for use with RED cameras, however, this new release places an emphasis on cross-camera compatibility.

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philmColor is an expansive collection of LUTs built around the RED IPP2 Color Workflow. The LUTs range from creative looks to useful tools for colorists in post. According to Phil, thousands of productions have used these LUTs on set and in post.

Phil’s goal was to produce digital stocks useful to the modern filmmaker that will work with a variety of lighting conditions and exposure methods. At key, under key, high key, or ETTR exposure methods are claimed to work very well with these LUTs.

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philmColor can be used with other cameras by transforming your incoming footage into the REDWideGamutRGB Color Space and Log3G10 Gamma.

In philmColor 3 you get a total of 540 new LUTs as well as the previous 178 from philmColor R2.

philmColor R3’s LUTs were created to be used as a RED IPP2 grading toolbox and suite.

What do you get?

– col_labDevAndSat – 21 new saturation, density, and development LUTs
– crv_curves – 12 new tone curve LUTs
– crv_fades – 8 new faded tone curve LUTs – click to learn more
– crv_tones – 36 new perceptual, ETTR, film print characteristic curve LUTs
– grd_achromic – 10 new “colorless” black and white LUTs
– grd_polychromic – 70 new “digital film stock” LUTs
– grd_printSplitTone – 27 new color split tone LUTs with cool, neutral, and warm variants
– grd_revisedBaseStocks – 20 updated LUTs based on some of the most popular looks from philmColor R2
– grd_schema – 204 new creative color scheme LUTs, bolder looks, shooting stocks, show looks, and more
– out_ARC – 4 new Output Transforms in 33 and 65 sized cubes in both SDR and HDR with several black points
– out_PFE_CLR – My clear version of my hard clipped and limited range 13 and 15 stop Kodak Print LUTs with 4 black points
– out_RED – Including the SDR and HDR versions of RED’s default Medium Contrast/Soft Highlight Roll-Off Output Transforms
– out_resolveFilmLooks – 6 special Output Transforms based on Resolve’s Film Looks with two black points
– out_STEM – 3 new Color Space Grading STEMs (no tone curve) for Colorists and Advanced Users
– utl_colorSpaceTransforms – 10 Color Space Tranforms from various manufacturer’s Color Spaces and Gamma
– plus all the previous LUTs from philmColor2

“Col” stands for color, “crv” stands for Curve, “grd” stands for Grade, “out” stands for Output Transform, and “utl” stands for Utility.

There is a ton of information over on the phfx website if you want to find out more.


philmColor 3 is a free upgrade for existing owners of philmColor2. If you are buying from scratch, philColor 3 costs $300 USD.

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