JOBY Wavo Pro, Pod & Air Announced

JOBY has announced a new lineup of flagship audio products for pro, on-the-go and desktop creators and streamers called Wavo. The new Wavo series consists of 2 new camera-mount shotgun microphones, a Lavalier microphone, a 2-person wireless system, a desktop USB microphone, and some accessory kits.

Wavo PRO Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphones

JOBY has two new Wavo PRO Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphones, these are the Wavo PRO DS and the Wavo PRO.

Both options have been designed for on-camera applications if you are using mirrorless hybrid cameras. The Wavo PRO DS and the Wavo PRO are powered via built-in rechargeable batteries, which JOBY claims can last up to 60 hours on a single charge.

Wavo PRO

Even though both the PRO DS and the PRO use the exact same audio components, the PRO comes with some additional features such as active noise cancellation and controls over EQ and other settings that can be made via a companion app. The PRO also features an external TRS input so you can input a second microphone.

The PRO also features an activatable safety track that helps you avoid distortion, and LEDs show audio levels and battery status. It has analog (3.5mm TRS) and digital (USB Type-C) outputs that make it compatible with an immense variety of recording devices. Other additional features include a three-stage gain control (0, +10, or +20 dB).

Wavo PRO Key features

  • For Cameras, Laptops, and Mobile Devices
  • 60-Hour Run Time via Internal Battery
  • Active Noise Reduction
  • App-Based Sound Management
  • Secondary Mic Input for Interviews
  • USB Type-C and 3.5mm TRS Output Ports
  • Activatable Safety Track
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wind Protection
  • Integrated Shoe/Pole Shockmount

The Wavo Pro retails for $299.99 USD and it is now available to purchase.


The Wavo PRO DS features most of the mechanical and electronic components built into the Wavo PRO, but foregoes some advanced functions such as active noise reduction, digital app-based sound management, and an external secondary mic input to ensure simplicity for content creators who don’t feel ready to dive deep into audio settings and refined adjustments.

Wavo PRO DS Key features

  • For Cameras, Laptops, and Mobile Devices
  • 60-Hour Run Time via Internal Battery
  • Gain and Bass Roll-Off Switches
  • USB Type-C and 3.5mm TRS Output Ports
  • LEDs for Audio Levels and Battery Status
  • Activatable Safety Track
  • Windscreen Reduces Wind Noise
  • Integrated Shoe/Pole Shockmount

The Wavo PRO DS reatils for $249.99 USD. Unlike the Wavo PRO, the PRO DS isn’t available just yet, but you can pre-order it as of today.

Wavo Lav PRO Lapel Microphone

Screenshot 2022 01 31 at 9 38 25 PM

The Joby Wavo Lav PRO is a high-quality omnidirectional lapel microphone. The Lav PRO works with any wireless system that utilizes a 3.5mm TRS connection.

Key features

  • For Interviews, Content Creation & Video
  • Works with Cameras and Audio Recorders
  • Omnidirectional for Consistent Pickup
  • Small and Easy to Conceal
  • 8.2′ Attached Cable
  • 3.5mm TRS Output Connector
  • Compatible with Wavo PRO Microphone
  • Windscreen Reduces Rustling & Wind Noise
  • Includes Alligator Clip

The Wavo Lav PRO retails for $79.99 USD.

Wavo AIR Wireless Microphone System

Screenshot 2022 01 31 at 9 42 33 PM

The Wavo AIR, is a wireless system that comes with two transmitters, a receiver, and two lapel microphones. It works with a mirrorless hybrid camera or anything else with a 3.5mm mic input through a TRS cable, as well as mobile devices using a TRRS cable.

Screenshot 2022 01 31 at 9 43 22 PM

Key features

  • 2-Person Interviews, Vlogs, Video Shoots
  • 2 Omni Lav Mics and Built-In Omni Mics
  • 2 Ultracompact Clip-On Transmitters
  • Ultracompact Dual-Channel Receiver
  • 3.5mm Receiver Main Output
  • Audio Cables for Camera & Mobile Device
  • Wide Variety of Mounting Options
  • Internal 6-Hour Batteries
  • Indoor and Outdoor Wind Protection
  • 5 Systems at Once Max, Up to 164′ Range

Like other budget wireless audio systems, it works on the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum. The Wavo AIR has a claimed range of up to 164′ / 49.98m.

It features an internal non-removable internal battery with a claimed operating time of up to 6 hours.

Screenshot 2022 01 31 at 9 47 14 PM

The transmitters also feature built-in microphones so you can clip them on talent without having to use Lavalier microphones.

Joby claims that what sets the Wavo AIR apart from other similar products is that it has been designed with versatile mounting options (some are included and others available separately). This enables users to place the Wavo AIR on anything from clothing or a camera shoe to a pole or tripod.

The Wavo AIR retails for $249 USD and it is now available to purchase.

WAVO AIR Expansion Kit

Screenshot 2022 01 31 at 10 14 48 PM

The WAVO AIR Expansion Kit features hook-and-loop fasteners, adhesive support, a cold shoe joint, a tripod attachment, and an accessory holder. You can use any of these to increase mounting options.

The WAVO AIR Expansion Kit retails for $49.99 USD.

Wavo POD Desktop USB Microphone

Screenshot 2022 01 31 at 10 29 31 PM

The Wavo POD Desktop USB Microphone is a large-diaphragm USB microphone that has been designed for solo podcasting, streaming, and content creation. It features easy-to-use volume controls, a built-in headphone jack, a desk stand, and a POP filter.

Key features

  • For USB-Equipped Computers & Tablets
  • Directional and 360° Pickup Patterns
  • Zero-Latency Headphone Monitoring
  • Volume, Gain, and Mute Controls
  • Plug-and-Play Operation
  • Studio-Quality 24-Bit / 48 kHz Signal
  • Included Pop Filter Reduces Plosives
  • Desk Stand with Accessory Mounting Holes
  • USB Type-C and USB Type-A Cables

It retails for $99.99 USD.

GorillaPod Kits

The GorillaPod PRO Vlogging Kit and the GorillaPod Advanced Mobile Vlogging Kit are two packages that are also available.

The GorillaPod Vlogging Kit bundles a GorillaPod for cameras with the previously mentioned Wavo PRO shotgun mic. The GorillaPod Vlogging Kit retails for $399.99 USD.

The GorillaPod Advanced Mobile Kit gives you different options, such as the Smartphone GorillaPod, a mini LED light, a Lightning dongle for iOS devices, and the Wavo mini shotgun mic. It retails for $239.99 USD.

Swing Portable Electronic Smartphone Slider

The Swing Portable Electronic Smartphone Slider is an app-driven portable electronic slider. It is controlled by the Joby Motion app (iOS and Android) and mounts via a ¼-20″ thread on a tripod or GorillaPod and RangePod supports. It weighs 0.79 lb and can support loads of 1.3 lb. The Swing comes solo, with a Phone Mount Kit, or as the Swing Complete Kit.

It retails for $179.95 USD.


The Swing is a pocket-sized 360º rotating base for smartphones, designed and built in partnership with Syrp. The Spin weighs 0.53 lb, is USB-C-rechargeable, and comes with a pan-and-tilt bracket for your vertical and/or horizontal panning. You control Spin via Bluetooth and the JOBY Motion app for iOS and Android. The Spin can also be purchased bundled with smartphone mounts.

The Spin retails for $89.95 USD.

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