Making Spider-Man No Way Home

Spider-Man:No Way Home

On the latest Go Creative Show podcast Spider-Man: No Way Home cinematographer Mauro Fiore and production designer Darren Gilford discuss their collaboration on the blockbuster Marvel movie.

Mauro, Darren, and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss the dramatic last-minute changes at the start of production, the benefits of filming on location, and they break down some of the biggest scenes in the movie.

You can listen to the full podcast above.


  • DP and Production Designer collaboration (01:07)
  • Working on such a big franchise (04:59)
  • Drastic production changes due to the pandemic (07:51)
  • On-location vs in a studio (14:32)
  • Breaking down the Sanctum Sanctorum set (17:11)
  • Tricks to lighting a dark set (23:33)
  • Using LED Walls for cinematography and production design (27:01)
  • Light motivation on sets (29:27)
  • Deconstructing the Peter Parker rooftop scene (32:19)
  • Approach to filming green screen sets (36:25)
  • Pairing the Alexa Mini LF with Panaspeed lenses (42:14)
  • Having story dictate focal depth of field (47:09)
  • Filming the tracking shot of Spider-Man in Aunt May’s apartment (49:46)
  • High-energy camera movement (53:01)
  • Making the bridge scene realistic on green screen (54:43)

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