Canon C70 Firmware Update coming that adds 4K RAW internal recording

Canon will soon be releasing a new firmware update for the C70 that will add 4K RAW internal recording, as well as a couple of other features.

C70 users will be able to record 4K RAW internally in Canon’s Cinema RAW Light. You will also be able to record XF-AVC proxies at the same time.

Screenshot 2022 01 18 at 10 48 41 AM

You are going to need a reasonably fast SD card to record 4K Cinema RAW Light, and I am assuming that a V90 card will be required. I would imagine that framerates will almost certainly be limited to 30p. I think a lot of people thought that the C70 wouldn’t be able to record RAW internally given the fact that it uses SD media.

Other features coming to the C70 with this firmware update are:

  • New frame and interval recording options
  • Increased lens support when using the 0.71x Mount Adapter
  • EOS Standard and EOS Neautral Picture Profiles.

With today’s announcement of the R5 C, it is not a big surprise to see Canon add new features to the C70. The C70 really should have had Cinema RAW Light recording from day one, especially given the fact that lower-priced EOS mirrorless hybrid cameras have that capability.

You will be able to download the new firmware here, but the bad news is it won’t be available till sometime in March.

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