edelkrone announces the new FocusONE v2

The edelkrone FocusONE v2 is an update to the original FocusONE with some added features and improvements.

Key new features

  • Works on either side of the camera.
  • Adjustable hard stops.
  • Compatible with 15 & 19 mm rods.
  • Custom tension adjustment.
  • Lighter than the previous generation.
  • Comes with Lens Gear PRO.

Adjustable Hard Stops

Screen Shot 2022 01 15 at 9 41 19 AM

The FocusONE v2 includes adjustable hard stops that can help you easily transition between two fixed focus points as you shoot. Hard stops can be placed in the designated parking slots when not in use.

Screen Shot 2022 01 15 at 9 40 06 AM

No marker pen is required for marking the disc with focus markings. This small addition makes FocusONE v2 much easier & faster to use. Or, you can just mark the disc yourself if additional markings are needed.

Custom Tension Adjustment

To make the feel more custom, you can now adjust the tension or dampening feel of the FocusONE v2 to adjust how stiff the control wheel turns. This is handy for photography lenses that don’t have much dampening.

Control Wheel with Flexible Angles

Screen Shot 2022 01 15 at 9 41 53 AM

The control wheel of FocusONE v2 can be tilted up and down for easier access when needed, which is especially useful while setting up different filming angles.

Screen Shot 2022 01 15 at 9 43 53 AM

Pricing and Availability


The edelkrone FocusONE v2 retails for $139 and is available for purchase today.

edelkrone has an upgrade program available if you want to trade up to the FocusONE v2, they will give you $49. To learn more about the program, visit edelkrone’s website.

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