Benro Aureole detachable dual drop-in filter mount adapter for Canon RF & Sony E Mount cameras

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The Benro Aureole is a detachable drop-in filter mount adapter that features a filter loading system. It works when using Canon EF lenses on RF mount cameras and Canon EF Lenses on Sony E mount cameras.

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What is interesting about the Aureole is that it lets you use two filters directly in the adapter.

This filter combination allows for one round and one square filter, or two round filters to be used at the same time.

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The double filter system allows for a lot of options. You could use a UV and a CPL, an ND and a GND, a CPL and a ND, or a CPL and GND.

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The above specifications don’t make any direct mention of a VND which is slightly odd. I would have thought that a VND would be the main reason someone would want to buy an adapter like this, especially if you are primarily shooting video. I actually think there is a VND option, I just think that the current information is perhaps a little vague and it isn’t listed. Benro does mention that ND can be adjusted using the wheel on the top of the adapter which leads me to assume that there will be VND.

Even if Benro doesn’t offer a VND filter, you could still create a VND filter using a circular and a linear polarizer combination in the Aureole, however, it is still unknown whether that combination will be available.

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The double slot design also looks like it has been designed so that you can insert filters from the side or the top, depending on the orientation.

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The weight of Aureole is 130g / 4.59oz without filters added.

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RC1- Canon EF to Canon RF on the left and the RE1-Canon EF to Sony E on the right

A wheel on the frame lets you adjust the filter, whether it be for ND or a circular polarizer, etc.

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A universal base on the bottom of Aureole can be mounted on an Arca Swiss plate. There is also a 1/4-20” screw hole for attaching it to other plates, etc.

Price & Availability

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The Benro Aureole isn’t available yet, however, you can sign up via email to get an exclusive launch day special price of $180 USD. The regular retail price will be $249 USD.

There is no indication at this stage as to whether the Aureole comes with any filters or how much additional filters will cost.


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This certainly looks like a very interesting and affordable product. Yes, there are already quite a few drop-in filter adapter solutions out there for using Canon EF lenses on Canon RF mount cameras and also EF lenses on Sony E mount cameras, but none of them have the flexibility of the Benro Aureole.

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