Teradek Ultra Low Latency Video Monitoring Solution with AWS Wavelength & Verizon

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In a recent collaboration with Verizon and Amazon Web Services, Teradek has announced a new ultra-low latency monitoring server for their Core cloud service: Wavelength Sputnik.

So what does this actually mean? Well, Teradek Core Cloud customers in the U.S. can now monitor with lower latency on the Verizon 5G network. Teradek is claiming glass to glass latency as low as 160ms.

Wavelength Sputnik is a new integration that puts Teradek’s streaming video server (Sputnik) on the Verizon 5G network, and it helps to dramatically reduce streaming video latency when paired with Teradek hardware, software, and Core Cloud platform. The integration is claimed to provide a 50% performance improvement over Teradek’s existing low latency options.

This improved monitoring solution works anywhere Verizon 5G service is offered, via AWS Wavelength Zones, which covers the entire United States. It is the ideal solution for applications in production monitoring, law enforcement situational awareness, drone to cellular monitoring where local monitoring solutions can’t reach, and remote industrial oversight that lack a direct line-of-sight, such as remote monitoring of cranes, businesses, construction sites, or other applications where high quality, low delay video is required.

If you are interested in more information you can contact [email protected] to learn more about Wavelength Sputnik and Teradek’s latest cloud video monitoring solution.

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