Easyrig release new Minimax Stabil Light

Easyrig released the Minimax STABIL Light today. The STABIL Light was developed to support gimbals between 2-7kg (4.4-15.4 lbs). It is designed to help stabilize handheld shots to a certain degree while protecting your back.

Minimax Stabil Light2

The all-new Minimax’s are fitted with an updated spring that is made to work more efficiently together with the STABIL Light. Easyrig states it’s smoother and more reliable as well as lighter.

Minimax Stabil Light1

Max Load: Gimbals between 2-7kg (4.4-15.4 lbs)

To upgrade you need to purchase the STABIL Light together with the new Minimax Power Pack. It includes a spring that “synergizes” better with the STABIL Light. The new power pack is now standard for all versions of the Minimax.

Easyrig is the industry standard for vest-style camera support and has continued to bring new products and improvements for different camera loads. If you do a lot of handheld work it can save your back.

Price and Availability

The Easyrig Minimax Stabil Light retails for $2,625.00 and is available today for purchase.

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