BB&S Compact Bicolor Fresnel

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BB&S has added the Compact Bicolor Fresnel to its family of Compact Beamlight LED studio fixtures.

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BB&S claims that it has the smallest footprint (5.5″ / 14cm) of any Fresnel on the market. The Compact Bicolor Fresnel draws just 38W and is claimed to output over 2400lx. BB&S says that this is enough output that it can be used as a key, fill or backlight from 8 to 18′ / 3 to 6m. The light is color-tunable from 2700 to 5600K. 

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The fixture features a genuine curved glass 90mm Fresnel lens that is said to ensure an even field distribution in addition to excellent shadow rendering. The light’s zooming capability is operated via BBS’ smart ring-controlled focus system with a range of 11-52 degrees.

The Compact Bicolor Fresnel outputs a hard-shadow beam that fades from 100% at the center to 50% at the edges. This makes it suitable for mixing and overlapping with other lights while eliminating blinding glare.

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The fixture tips the scales at 3.5-lb / 1.6kg so it is light enough to take just about anywhere. The light offers silent operation thanks to a highly efficient heat dissipation rear section that eliminates the usual cooling fan system. 

The light can be operated via the BB&S 4-Way Controller that can provide DMX 512/RDM to two fixtures simultaneously. The range of power options includes a 40W Driver/Dimmer with D-Tap cable (battery operation), 65W PSU (any voltage worldwide 110-270V), and a locking AC cable. 

The new Fresnel is fully compatible with BB&S’ other studio fixtures including Compact Beamlights and Pipelines (same 4-Way Controller), and the Area 48 range, as well as the BB&S Tracklight system which offers adapters for DMX or BTE Mesh control. 

Light control accessories include optional Rotating Magnetic Barndoors, Magnetic Top Hat, and a Magnetic filter ring to easily add items like Magnetic Prismatic Ecliptic filters in 10×20°, 10×40°, and 10×60°, as well as Lee 251, Quarter White, 253 Hampshire Frost, and 450 3/8 diffusion. 

Price & Availability

The BB&S Compact Bicolor Fresnel retails for $650 USD. It comes with an adjustable yoke-mounted TVMP and 2-meter cable mounted with a 4pin XLR male connector.

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