FilmConvert & CineMatch iPhone 13 Pro + GoPro Hero 10 Camera Packs

Screenshot 2021 11 25 at 8 21 16 AM

New Camera Packs are now available to download for using the iPhone 13 Pro and the GoPro Hero 10 with FilmConvert and CineMatch.

For FilmConvert users you need to download the new camera packs from the Camera Pack page

CineMatch users can download the latest version of the installer from the Download page.

Screenshot 2021 11 25 at 8 30 40 AM

The addition of 10-bit ProRes acquisition on the new iPhone 13 allows you to use it more confidently as a b-cam for intercutting with other footage.

In FilmConvert Nitrate there are profile options for both the native Dolby Vision profile and FiLMiC Pro’s Log V3, available in the FiLMiC Pro professional cinematography app.

If you want to see how Filmonvert Nitrate looks when using it along with a GoPro Hero 10, there is a video above.

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