ZILR USB Type-C Dummy Batteries for mirrorless cameras

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ZILR has launched a new range of USB-C Dummy Batteries for a wide range of mirrorless cameras.

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The USB-C Dummy Batteries allow you to power your camera from USB-C PD power banks or ZILR’s high capacity NP-F970 USB-C PD Battery.

The range includes:

  • USB-C to Sony NP-FZ100
  • USB-C to Panasonic DMW-DCC16
  • USB-C to Nikon EN-EL15
  • USB-C to Canon LP-E6
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You can also combine one of these dummy batteries with ZILR’s new NP-F battery adaptor plate, which can be mounted to your camera rig. The NP-F battery adaptor plate retails for $34.99 USD

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The dummy batteries are the following prices:

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