Axiiio nano motion control system

The Axiiio nano motion control system is claimed to be a bit different from other systems because it’s re-configurable and moves much faster and more precisely than anything else on the market at this price point.

This product is from an Australian company and it has been in development for 7 years. The Axiiio nano system is being touted as an affordable, flexible, high-quality camera robotics system. According to Axiiio, it is the world’s first truly flexible, multi-function motion control system and your personal, robotic, camera assistant.

It was designed to be small, lightweight, portable, and simple to set up. You could use it for anything from time-lapse photography, stop motion animation, chromakey composite shots for visual effects, a focus puller, or as a second camera running in the background.

You can use the motors for FIZ duties as well as full 4 axis motion control by taking them off Axiiio’s motion pancakes and mounting them on rods. This also gives you flexibility around using the motors on different types of rigs if you want. Axiiio will be supplying ‘frames’ so that you can mount the motors and receiver you already have in kit form, so there’s no need to purchase the expensive motion components twice.

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The system revolves around three core components. The nano receiver, nano pancake, and the nano motor. Using these three core components you can build a variety of different types of rigs depending on your requirements.

The components are made out of carbon fibre and aircraft-grade aluminum. The maximum payload capacity of the system is 10kg / 22lbs.

The nano pancake is quite unique as it is able to convert the nano motor’s power into rotational or linear motion. There are two different nano pancake versions available.

The system uses free ProMoCo software.

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This software was designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

Axiiio is also working on additional ‘frames’ that will take the Axiiio nano motors which can be used for different shooting scenarios. For example, Axiiio would like to build a SCARA robot frame that will give users the ability to do small-scale orbital shots (similar to this robot). Essentially Axiiio’s will be an upside-down version of this without the manipulator or Z-axis, but a pan axis mounted on the end. Additionally, they also have plans for a flying fox, a photogrammetry rig, turntable attachment, and other configurations.

A full hardware controller in the works. This will give operators a focus wheel, joystick, and thumbwheel. These controllers will be assignable to different axes within the ProMoCo software environment, so if you wanted to set it up as a full FIZ controller you could, or a 4 axes robot controller or SCARA robot. The choices aren’t limited by the software, they are enhanced by it.

This is a pro-level product that is aimed at small production companies that are probably using less expensive (and lighter) cameras, as well as well-heeled amateurs who want a motion control system that bridges the enormous gap between units like BOLT and Edelkrone.

Price & Availability

The Axiiio nano motion control system is available to pre-order through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

Options available include a Pan-Tilt “frame” and a dolly (slider) “frame” available with motors and receiver, as well as a Starter Kit (single axis) and Kitchen Sink (which is everything).

The Starter Kit is available for $1,459 AU (about $1,080 USD). The Kitchen Sink Kit which includes everything is $4,819 AU ( about $3,565 USD).

Axiio will also have a range of accessories available and they are also working on a more heavy-duty slider solution.

The kits are scheduled at this stage to start shipping in March 2022.

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The Indiegogo campaign has been off to a slow start probably due to it not getting much media attention.

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