ZHIYUN has announced the CRANE M3 gimbal which features a built-in 800lx light and a microphone. It is being targeted squarely at Vloggers.

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The CRANE M3 is around the size of a 550ml water bottle. It has been designed to be small and compact.

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According to ZHIYUN the CRANE M3 is compatible with over 90% of the mirrorless cameras that are currently on the market. The gimbal features a quick-release design so that users can change between action cameras, DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and smartphones. cameras as well as battery-changes without the need for rebalancing. The gimbal also has upgraded motors with stronger torque.

Light & Sound Solution

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The CRANE M3 features an in-built 800 lumen LED fill light, that ZHIYUN claims is powered uniquely from heat generated by the gimbal. I’m not sure what that actually means, but they are implying that heat generated by the gimbal is somehow powering the light. CORRECTION: ZHIYUN is now stating that this is not true and the CRANE M3 is not powered from heat generated by the gimbal.

The light has full step-less dimming control and Kelvin color temperature settings can be changed using the control wheel. ZHIYUN also sells magnetic light filter accessories for the LED light, in four different colors. At peak power 6W, the M3s light can be Kelvin color temperature adjusted from 2600-5400K.

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The CRANE M3’s TransMount Expansion Base can be used to directly connect microphones. The M3 comes with a TransMount Shotgun Microphone as standard, however, a connecting audio port can also support a range of wired professional microphones 

The CRANE M3 has a built-in receiver at the base which can be paired with the transmitter module for wireless control of mainstream cameras via Bluetooth.

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New to the CRANE series is the added feature of an interactive 1.22”, full-color touchscreen enabling parameter adjustments to a range of gimbal mode settings (portrait, vortex mode and go-mode) as well as follow speed. The display panel also indicates camera operational status, connection to the gimbal and battery levels.

Pricing & Availability

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The CRANE M3 is now available, pricing is as follows:

  • Standard package: CRANE M3 + standard tripod – $369 / £369
  • Combo package: CRANE M3 + Tripod Plus + Cell Phone Mount + TransMount EasyGo BackPack – £449
  • Pro package: CRANE M3 + Tripod Plus + Cell Phone Mount + TransMount Shotgun Microphone + TransMount Expansion Base +TransMount EasyGo BackPack – £649

Universal TRANSMOUNT Quick Release plates are available for the following camera models: ​​Sony α7M3; Sony α7C; Sony α6000; Sony α7S; Sony ZV-E10; Canon M50; Nikon Zfc; Fuji X-S10; Fuji XT-4.

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