Digital Sputnik Apollo 1

Digital Sputnik has officially launched its new Apollo 1 fixture on the crowd funding site Indiegogo. They are touting it as being lighter, brighter, and more intelligent than the DS1.

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The APOLLO 1 is a compact-sized ultra-bright RGBW LED light that draws 100W. Digital Sputnik claims that it has an output of 32,000lx / 2973 fc at a distance of 1m / 3.28ft. What you need to be aware of is that the Apollo 1 has a very tight beam angle of 20 degrees.

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The light consists of 16 high output RGBW LED’s, and the APOLLO 1 features Pixel/ Media mapping, full App control, and effects, all in a compact well-made housing.

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The new app, can not only control the Apollo 1 but also other DS fixtures as well. The DS controller app is free and is available for iOS, Android, Windows & OSX.

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Digital Sputnik has also included a user-friendly DMX controller with built-in DS Lighting System DMX modes. The app sends Art-Net protocol packets over a WiFi connection.

The light is Kelvin color temperature adjustable from 1500-10,000K. It uses a combination of passive and active cooling to keep the temperatures down.

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The light can be powered via an external V-lock battery or mains power.

The system has been designed to be extremely modular so you can combine multiple APOLLO 1 fixtures to create larger arrays.

The light will also work with an optional Bowens mount adapter.

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Digital Sputnik fixtures have been used on movies such as Dune, Alien, Star Wars, and Transformers. A lot of the development for the APOLLO 1 was based directly on what Digital Sputnik had learned from how their lights were being used on these productions.

Price & availability


The APOLLO 1 is now available to pre-order on Indiegogo. The APOLLO 1 varies in price depending on what you choose. Below are the options:

Prices start at $749 USD which represents an early bird saving of 50% of what the eventual retail price will be.

Below you can see what the eventual retail prices will be.

  • APOLLO 1 Studio $1,499 USD (comes with an adjustable yoke, but no rear screen)
  • APOLLO 1 Cinema $1,799 USD (comes with screen, buttons, and an adjustable yoke)
  • APOLLO 1 Studio V-mount $1,599 USD (comes with an adjustable yoke and V-mount battery plate, but no rear screen)
  • APOLLO 1 Cinema V-mount $1,899 USD (comes with screen, buttons, adjustable yoke, and V-mount battery plate).

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