LEE Filters Elements high-performance and quick-to-deploy circular filters

Lee Filters Elements Featured image newsshooter

Lee Filters have announced a new line of circular filters. The filters feature a rugged and robust black anodized aluminum frame, with an innovative design that enables quick and easy attachment and operation without the need for a filter holder, in any environment and even when wearing gloves.

Lee Elements Stopper Filters

For the first time, LEE’s renowned Stopper filters for long-exposure photography are available in a circular format ideal for grab-and-go shooting. The LEE Elements Big Stopper (10-stops) also feature stackable housings, allowing them to be combined to meet users’ creative needs across various shooting conditions. For further flexibility, the rotating CPL and VND filter feature increased front rings to ensure optimal edge-crop performance and can be stacked in front of a Stopper.

Lee Elements CPL & VND Filters

The fluid rotation mechanics of the CPL and VND filters have a smooth, silent operation. Additionally, the VND filters feature a bracketed design with a rotational limit that eliminates the risk of cross-polarization. The VND filters are clearly marked with numeric stop positions tuned to LEE’s tight tolerance standard for ND filters.

The new Elements have scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings and feature hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings that Lee states are equivalent to those on Panavision’s PanaND and LEE’s ProGlass Cine IRND filters, providing enhanced protection against moisture and fingerprints.
The filters also feature a knurled finish for a better all-weather grip.
The front and rear sections of the rotating CPL and VND incorporate differentiated grip patterns to provide users with tactile feedback as the filters are adjusted.

Each LEE Elements filter comes with its own single-piece, impact-resistant protective hard case with a custom foam insert. The curved, single-piece design allows the case to be held comfortably in one hand as the user removes or replaces the filter, and the cases are sized to fit into a pocket or a camera bag. Each filter also comes with a cleaning cloth.

Elements Filter Pricing

Lee Elements Variable ND

  • 82mm Lee Elements Variable ND 6-9 stops – £282.00
  • 77mm Lee Elements Variable ND 6-9 stops – £282.00
  • 72mm Lee Elements Variable ND 6-9 stops – £270.00
  • 67mm Lee Elements Variable ND 6-9 stops – £270.00
  • 82mm Lee Elements Variable ND 2-5 stops – £270.00
  • 77mm Lee Elements Variable ND 2-5 stops – £270.00
  • 72mm Lee Elements Variable ND 2-5 stops – £270.00
  • 67mm Lee Elements Variable ND 2-5 stops – £270.00

Lee Elements Circular Polarizer

  • 82mm Lee Circular Polarizer – £186.00
  • 77mm Lee Circular Polarizer – £186.00
  • 72mm Lee Circular Polarizer – £162.00
  • 67mm Lee Circular Polarizer – £162.00

Lee Elements Big Stopper

  • 82mm Lee Elements Big Stopper – £228.00
  • 77mm Lee ElementsBig Stopper – £228.00
  • 72mm Lee ElementsBig Stopper – £216.00
  • 67mm Lee ElementsBig Stopper – £216.00

Shipping will start on November 15th, 2021. You can preorder on Lee Filters website or find a global dealer in your area.

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