CineMatch for Final Cut Pro

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CineMatch is now available for download and purchase for Final Cut Pro. FilmConvert has been working alongside Apple’s developers to update their plugin to ensure it will work smoothly on the new Apple Silicon Macs.

CineMatch has been available for quite sometime, however, it was only previously available for Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve.

If you are not familiar with CineMatch it is a color correction solution that features advanced camera-matching capabilities.

Key CineMatch Features

  • Quickly and easily match footage from over 70 different cameras to a seamless baseline grade
  • For single-camera shooters, use the CineMatch sensor match technology to get the color science from high-end digital cinema cameras for your own projects – regardless of what camera you shot on
  • RAW-like controls to adjust footage as though you were adjusting the camera settings on-set
  • Single-click REC.709 conversion for any Log source
  • A perfect companion for FilmConvert Nitrate – use CineMatch to quickly balance and match your footage, and then add FilmConvert over the top


CineMatch is available for Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve and Final Cut Pro as individual plugins for $139 USD, or you can purchase a CineMatch Bundle license for $199 USD.

Please be aware that CineMatch for Final Cut Pro requires FCP 10.6 to run.

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