DoPchoice Aputure Nova P600c Snapbags, Snapgrid & Rabbit Ear Mount Adapter

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DoPchoice has announced new Aputure Nova P600c Snapbags, Snapgrid and Rabbit Ear Mount Adapter.

The patented Snapbag features all the benefits of DoPchoice’s popular Snapbags including a rectangular design that snaps up instantly in a single piece and attaches in seconds directly to the Rabbit-Ears mounting system thanks to a new Adapter bracket. DoPchoice’s interior silver metallic sidewalls magnify output and create a smooth, even spread. A removable Magic Cloth diffusion panel is included for even more softening control.

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Installed, the Snapbag measures: 90 x 64 x 30cm / 3 x 25 x 12″ and weighs 600g / 1.3-lbs. A black carrying bag is included. To optimize control of the illumination direction, the 40° Snapgrid is available. It attaches via a hook and loop mount. 

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DoPchoice also offers additional softening choices. The octagonal 3-foot, 5-foot, and 7-foot Snapbag Octas provide wider solutions with tool-free, quick setup and teardown. Octas may be used open, exposing their silver lining or with the included front diffusion panel. If directional light is desired, Custom fitted 40-degree Snapgrids are available.

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DoPchoice’s lightweight and effective 3-foot and 5-foot Snapbag Lanterns snap up fast. For spill control spill, there are contoured black/white quadrant covers that may be swiftly attached via hook ‘n loop. DoPchoice’s Rabbit-Ears along with the SRECM1 Connector provides interchangeable fixture mounting to the Snapbag accessory.

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