RØDE PSA1+ Professional Studio Arm

RØDE has announced the PSA1+ professional studio arm for podcasters, streamers and broadcasters. RØDE  claims that it offers completely silent operation and good stability.

The PSA1+ is the follow-up to the original PSA1 professional studio arm that was announced way back in 2014. The PSA1+ features a completely new modern design.

Key features

  • Innovative parallelogram spring design for precise placement, peerless stability and ultra-smooth movement with almost any microphone
  • Completely silent operation with fully damped internal springs
  • Rubber contact mounts for superior isolation from knocks, bumps and keyboard clicks​
  • Extended reach and 360-degree rotationoffering maximum flexibility in any home or studio application
  • Supports a wide range of microphones – from 94g all the way to 1.2kgs
  • Integrated cable management system to manage and easily conceal both XLR and USB cables
  • Compatible with all standard microphones and shockmounts

The PSA1+features a modern design with completely silent operation and good stability. It features an innovative parallelogram spring design that RØDE claims have been precision-engineered to ensure movement is smooth and steady, even when using very light or heavy microphones.

The internal springs are fully damped and the arm features a neoprene cover for further reduction of noise generated by movement. The PSA1+ is also equipped with rubber contact points for isolation from knocks, bumps and keyboard clicks. If you are a streamer who is using a mechanical keyboard with loud switches, then this is welcome news.

The PSA1+ has been designed to work in any recording scenario, from home gaming setups to professional broadcast studios. It can support a wide microphone weight range, from as little as 94g all the way up to 1.2kgs. The arm has an extended reach and full 360-degree rotation. There is also an integrated cable management system for both XLR and USB cables.

Both end-address and side-address microphones are accommodated by the flexible mounting system and the arm is compatible with all standard shockmounts. A threaded desk mount and desk clamp are included. The arm comes pre-assembled, so you can set it up and start using it right away

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Price & Availability

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The PSA1+ is now shipping worldwide for $129 USD.

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