Lupo Movielight 300 Dual Color PRO

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Lupo will soon be launching its newest fixtures, the Movielight 300 Dual Color PRO and 300 PR0 (5600K). These are the first models in the new Movielight PRO range which will be expanded initially with a 600 Movielight 300 Dual Color PRO. Further models and versions will be coming in 2022.

COB spotlights have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and it comes as no surprise that Lupo now wants a piece of that pie. Lupo has been making affordable, high-quality LED fresnels for many years and they were around way before companies such as Aputure, Forza, and Nanlux appeared.

Lupo Dayled LED Fresnels ae very popular with broadcasters, because they are robustly made, offer a good amount of output, and they can be run via camera batteries.

300 front side yoke

Essentially, Lupo has made the Movielight 300 Dual Color PRO and 300 PRO in the same form factor as their Dayled PRO Fresnel series.

Key features

  • Bluetooth module inside
  • Lupo App control
  • Standard Bowens Mount attachment
  • Dual Color Version 2800K to 6500K
  • Daylight Version 5600K
  • 96 CRI and 98 TLCI like other Lupo fixtures
  • Different dimming curves
  • DMX
  • Special effects
  • Made out of reinforced technopolymer
300 dual color back

The Movielight 300 Dual Color PRO and 300 PRO are 200W COB LED spotlights and they draw a max. of 260W.

300 side copia

The fixture weighs in at 5kg / 11lb. This does make it just over twice the weight of a fixture such as the Amaran 200x Bi-Color LED Light (2.4 kg / 5.29 lb).

While there are lots of Bowen’s mount COB spotlight options on the market already, the Movielight 300 PRO is one of the few fixtures that have all of its electronics integrated inside the light head, so no separate ballast or cables are required. Yes, this does mean that the light head is slightly bigger than other brands’ products, but you do end up with a fully self-contained light with just a single cable.

How much output does it have?

Below are the claimed output figures for the Movielight 300 Dual Color PRO at 5600K. These figures were recorded by Lupo using the light open face without any lighting modifiers.

  • 1m / 3.8′ 12,500lx
  • 2m / 6.56′ 3,550lx
  • 3m / 9.94′ 1,690lx

The light has a beam angle of 85 degrees which is slightly narrower than most other similar lights. Lupo’s research indicated that these type of COB spotlights are not being used for illuminating a wall or a green screen, therefore, a lot of the light coming out of a larger COB is wasted and doesn’t go where users want. Most users of lights like these almost never use them open face, instead, they use them with lighting modifiers. Therefore a slightly narrower beam angle does make a lot of sense.

The parabolic reflector that will be coming with the light will be 55 degrees.

If you want an output comparison, the Aputure 300x when used open face at 5600K puts out 6,300lx @1m. Please remember that the Aputure 300x has a wider beam angle of 105 degrees when used open face, however, it also draws 350W.

Affordable Light Modifiers

300 front

The nice aspect of a Bowens Mount is that there is a wide array of affordable lighting modifiers you can choose from. Lupo will also be selling its own LUPO DOME PRO for €209 / $244 USD.

Kits will be available

As I already mentioned, the Movielight 300 is available in mono-color or bi-color options and also as a kit that comes in a backpack with a V-mount battery plate and a D-tap cable. Lupo doesn’t sell just kit versions like some other manufacturers because many of its customers (like TV studios) don’t need these additional accessories.

Price & Availability

The new Lupo Movielight 300 PRO fixtures should be available in November this year. Below are the expected retaul prices for the various models:

  • Movielight 300 PRO (5600K) €798 / $933 USD*
  • Movielight 300 Dual Color PRO €898 / $1,049 USD*
  • Movielight 300 PRO Kit (includes Lupo backpack, V-mount clamp, and D-tap cable) €889 / $1,039 USD*
  • Movielight 300 Dual Color PRO Kit (includes Lupo backpack, V-mount clamp, and D-tap cable) €998 / $1,167 USD*

*USD conversion estimates


Screen Shot 2021 09 29 at 21 25 58

Competition for the Movielight 300 Dual Color Pro and 300 Pro arguably comes in the form of the Amaran 200x Bi-Color LED Light, Amaran 200d LED Light, Godox SL200W II LED Video Light, and arguably the Aputure 300x. Out of all of these lights, only the Aputure 300x can be powered via camera batteries. The Amaran and Godox lights are not nearly as robustly made.

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