Creamsource Vortex8 CreamOS 1.2.0 Firmware Release

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Creamsource has announced the CreamOS 1.2.0 firmware update for the Vortex8. The update includes some significant features for Vortex8 including the all-new FrameSync function.

I recently reviewed the Vortex8 and you can read that review here.

Screenshot 2021 09 14 at 1 26 56 PM

Along with the new FrameSync function, I like that Creamsource has now given you the ability to limit the maximum power draw of the Vortex8 when running it from batteries. This means that the fixture can be safely used on lower capacity batteries. The limit can be set from 100W to 650W. You can make this change under ‘Fixture Settings->Battery Power Limit‘.


FrameSync is a very clever addition that offers a lot of new creative ways to use the Vortex8. You can Sync the Vortex to your camera’s shutter speed for specialized lighting effects that are frame accurate up to 5,000fps. The above BTS is the best way for you to see exactly how it works and the sort of results you can create.

CreamOS 1.2.0

So what are some of the other new features and improvements in CreamOS 1.2.0? Well, let’s find out

  • Sync Framework implemented for effects Dual Level, Flash Frames and Sync Flash. Sync the Vortex to your camera’s shutter for specialised lighting effects that are frame accurate up to 5,000fps.
  • User Presets implemented with up to 50 user presets. Store, restore and clear User Presets for Effects and Colour modes. Access this from the vertical quick link button from home screen or from Menu > User Preset. Ideal for creating your own presets and shortcuts.
  • sACN networking implemented. Receive DMX data over Ethernet cable using the Streaming-ACN protocol (ANSI E1.31). This is located at Link > sACN & Network Settings.
  • sACN Universe from 1-63999 is available.
  • Set static IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway or use DHCP mode.
  • Order of priority for DMX communications: Wired DMX SACN CRMX ACC
  • Added ‘DMX Forwarding’ mode to forward incoming CRMX or sACN data out the DMX port, to control fixtures which don’t have wireless or networking features. This can be enabled under “LINK->DMX Settings.
  • Add ‘Blackout on Startup’ option (Menu > Fixture) to force unit to startup dark, until DMX received or via manual control.
  • Added option to limit maximum power draw when running from Batteries, so fixture can be safely used on lower capacity batteries. Limit can be set from 100W to 650W. Change under ‘Fixture Settings->Battery Power Limit’.
  • DMX MAPPING CHANGE – Moved Fan Channel to the END of MultiZone modes (32,33,34,35,36,37). Added ‘Reserved’ channel to end of MulitZone map
  • Added ability to disable CRMX Bluetooth module. Grouped all CRMX functions in a subfolder under LINK menu
  • Fix bug where zones could flicker at very low levels.
  • Fixed small mismatch of CCT between zones, increase overall CCT accuracy.
  • Added a shortcut to disabled Effects by holding down the FX shortcut button along with the option to quickly turn it off from the Effects and Colour Mode selection screen.
  • Implemented dynamic placement of Status Bar Icons.
  • UI Changes: The naming of Lumen Radio is now ‘CRMX’ in Menu System. Change all menu items to be in Title Case.
  • Fixed bug where bottom half of panel (zones 5-8) were delayed by 1 DMX frame when running in Multizone DMX modes. • Add ‘Demo Multi Zone’ function (Menu > Advanced).
  • Restore Defaults resets brightness level to 0% instead of 100%

In a future firmware update, you will have the ability to save/restore User Presets to USB.

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