Deity BP-TRX v1.3 Firmware Update

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Deity has announced the BP-TRX v1.3 Firmware Update. This update comes just days after they announced v1.2 which added a lot of new features and bug fixes.

Firmware V1.3 adds the following features and improvements:

  • Adds FPS meta-data to audio file
  • Expands SD card compatibility
  • Upgrades the OLED display to 30FPS
  • Fixes the issue of when inputting a stereo signal, the left and right channel of audio may sometimes reverse while switching TRX modes
  • Fixes a rare issue that TX data may be modified by the RX abnormally after a TX and RX paired successfully
  • Fixes a rare issue when you use the USB function and insert card may cause the BP-TRX frozen
  • Fixes misc bugs

V1.3 Firmware Update comes just days after Deity announced V1.2 update. That update added the following features and improvements:

  • Adds Timecode Run-Keeper: When using Timecode Free Run, it will continue to keep accurate timecode for 6 hours after the unit is powered off
  • Adds New Lock-screen: When the screen is locked, press any buttons once, the screen will wake up and you can see the content on the main interface, further press, a pop-up window to tell you to unlock
  • Adds Manual Auto-Lock: Set the Auto-Lock to Manual. Now when on the Home Screen, press the UP button three times quickly to lock/unlock the screen
  • Adds Stereo Input Mode: The Recorder VU display now shows left and right channels
  • Adds the ability that when you start recording it automatically turns off Timecode Output; Output is now audio only for monitoring
  • Adds USB Sound Card functionality RX Mode, the USB-C port now outputs digital audio to PC/Mac computers by default
  • Adds new Timecode Shortcut: When on the Home Screen, long-press the Down button to quickly enter to timecode setting menu (use the back key to exit normally)
  • When in RX Mode: Out Type “Hop” has been renamed to “Stereo” (audio pinout is the same)
  • Menu Change: Your selected item always display as the second line to remind you can scroll up and down to select the different options
  • Fixes the timecode reset issue when you change the TRX modes
  • Adds a new lower output level in RX Mode; -45dB to accommodate LUMIX cameras
  • TRX modes renamed for the Chinese language

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