Flanders Scientific Reference Viewing Environment Guide

Flanders Media Light Thumbnails

Setting up a proper reference viewing environment for editing and color grading can be challenging. Flanders Scientific has a guide that is free to view and download that has all the steps to take so you can create the best possible location to edit.


  • Monitor Positioning
  • Monitor Surround Size, Color, and Illumination
  • Other Room Considerations

While most of us won’t build the perfect edit suite, the tips in the guide can enhance what you already have and hopefully make the environment better for more accurate color correction and grading.

Also included are many products from MediaLight, such as backlights for monitors from bulbs to light strips and neutral grey paint. No, an orange and yellow room won’t cut it. 😀

Monitor Positioning is important. The guidelines suggest the following for best practice HD resolution.

For a 17” HD display ~26” viewing distance
For a 24” HD display ~36” viewing distance

For UHD resolution displays, the standards guidance suggests that the reference display should be positioned at a distance of 1.6 to 3.2 times (BT2100); the picture height.

For a 22” UHD display ~27” viewing distance
For a 31” UHD display ~38” viewing distance
For a 55” UHD display ~67” viewing distance

Check out and download the full guide. I found it helpful, especially if you are in the works on setting up a new edit bay.

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